Why Volunteer? Operated by Volunteers only. No paid employees.

A community-wide group of dedicated volunteers with hearts for the less fortunate and a desire to serve our heavenly Father operates this Food Pantry.

On the third Saturday of each month about 50 to 75 volunteers will gather for four hours to get the necessary papers signed, re-certify clients, take new applications, fill boxes, and distribute them to the families in need.

Volunteers also work Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week securing, sorting, counting and storing food from Mid-South Food Bank, Mississippi Food

Network & Feeding America Retail Pickup Program. (Need 2 Truck Drivers & 10 volunteers for Monday, Wednesday & Friday each week to unload, weigh, sort & store)

How to Volunteer

For more information contact Kay Patterson, the Food Pantry's Volunteer Coordinator at 662-231-9095 or 662-963-3287.