Stories by Clients

Stories by Clients

These stories were given 2011-09-23. They were in response to the Paper Plate Campaign that Mid-South Food Bank asked us to do. The stories were written on a paper plates. They will be sent to local legislators. Questions they were asked to answer included:

  • What happened in you life to bring you to the food pantry today?
  • What does this food mean to you?
  • What would happen if you didn’t have access to the food bank?

I’m on disability with wife I rely on the food pantry for food.

Helps me to feed my family a lot. I don’t know what I would do without it.

It helps us out due to fixed income.

Lost my car so I have no way to get a job. It really helps when you are


Good. It helps us. Keep it open. God bless them workers do a good job.

Please stay open. It is very appreciated by me. I’m early retirement and

its so needed financially. I enjoy it very much.

Draw disability and my living expense exceed my check. I depend on it to eat.

It is a great help to a lot of us. Keep it open. The Lord be with us all.

The food pantry has been a God send to me. I’m on a fixed income and need it very much. God bless.

2 children, 10 back surgeries, a single mother, and med’s and bills cost more than income. It means more food for my children! Not enough for family!

The pantry means a lot to me. I’m on a fixed income and a widow and the Lord blessed us with this panty and I pray you keep it open. God bless all of you.

I know it means a lot to my family.

Helps a lot. I mean a lot. Yes it is good.

I’m on S.S., food stamps run out. Please don’t cut this program.

It means eating nutrition. Without it I would be hungry.

I’m on S.S. and Medicaid. Do not cut funds for the food pantry.

(1) 3 kids, 1 income, husband does not always get 40 hours of work a week.

(2) I can feed my kids more fresh veggies and fruit.

(3) My kids would not get as much food to eat. I also pick up for an older lady who is on a fixed income.

It means a lot to me so please don’t stop.

It puts food on our table. It’s a real blessing.

Husband died. I would have less food. Please don’t stop.

Got laid off from job. It is a source of food for family. I would have to do without food.

Limited income. Food source otherwise food not available.

Low on funds for groceries. It means a lot to me. Without it I would go hungry.

The food pantry helps my family. I’m on a limited income and have 4 children w/no help from the kids’ father. This is a wonderful program. Thanks!

It is great. I hope it stays open. Wonderful.

It helps me have extra food. It is great. I hope it stays open.

My need is great. Not enough money for medicines and food! This pantry feeds me and 1 of my grandkids. I receive $36.00 in food stamps!!! Thank God for you.

Helps me have enough food to eat without it I would go hungry.

Disabled (Brain Tumor) just thankful for any help.

The Nettleton Food Pantry has been a life saver for me and my family!! It has helped us in this unstable economy. My husband’s business is struggling to survive and our income has drastically been reduced. I hope and pray that this service will always stay open.

I’m on S.S. don’t get enough food stamps. I have to have extra money for meds.

Needed help. It helps very much without it I would be in a bad shape.

Please do not cut hunger programs. I rely on them to feed myself and family.

It is very good.

It is a Blessing for my family. It really helps me during the month to make it. May God bless you.

The food pantry means food for my children and grandchildren. It makes a way for me to have the monies I need for other things I might not have had.

Good thing for the unemployed!! More money for other basic things.

I needed food for my children.

Helps with food for my family.

I need food. I live month to month. Thank God for you all. God bless.

God answered my prayer and it’s a blessing. I need the food.

On S.S. I’m a widow and can’t afford food and medicine.


Need food. It helps to not get hungry. I tried to find another place.

Had no help. It means everything to me. Without it I would not eat.

Low income. I live on S.S. Please don’t cut food pantry!

On Vet. benefits. Disabled. Please don’t cut food pantry.

Low income. Need food to eat.

Husband unemployed. Wife on S.S.

Husband passed. I’m on S.S. Need lots of meds.

My house burned up. It’s because of the nice people and the food pantry or I would have to do without.

It is a great thing. It helps a lot.

It’s a wonderful thing. I don’t know what I would do without it.

I live on S.S. and the food pantry let’s us eat and get our medicine.

It means a lot to them. She is totally disabled and stays at home.

It means the world to me and my kids.

It means everything to me and my children.

Good for me. No income but S.S. Saves me money. I hope it stays open.

It helps me in so many ways.

Feeds my home.

I think it’s a great thing and very much appreciated.

I came to the food pantry because I lost my husband and couldn’t make it by myself.

Thank God for you. It’s been very good.

I love it. Hope God keeps it open.

Food is good and let it stay open.

We hope ya’ll keep it open because it helps people.

It has helped us over the year. We appreciate the food.

Great and enjoy everything. Hope it stays open.

I’m sick and out of work.

I have 4 to feed with no job. I am disabled. Thank You!

Helps with food for her and her kids. It means a whole lot without it would have to do without.

Low on food I’m on disability without it I would have to be hungry.

I didn’t have enough food. It helps the needy. Without it I’d have to find another way.

Friends told her about it she needed help. It means I’ll be able to get around and get help. Don’t know what I would do without the food pantry.

I need food. I’d have to do without. It’s a good thing.

Did not have any food.

Did not have enough food. It means everything to me. I would not eat if it was not for the food pantry.

The food pantry is great.